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into the city we go
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Dead Poets Society, Dir. Peter Weir

  • Watch the beautifully uttered words by Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) here.

One Week In. Exactly.

Second thoughts? Not even close.

I saved my money, sold my car, and packed one suitcase and backpack, only the essentials. The 18 hour bus ride brought stories and a new life. While at first it seemed as if we might die, stopping in the middle of the night at gas stations and motels to pick up new passengers, it only added to the total experience. Our first tiny, crappy, crowded new york apartment continues to augment the drastic shift in lifestyle.

Each morning consists of applications, busy streets, coffees. Each afternoon is filled with books, metro stops, exploration. Each night brings conversations, food and drinks, and city lights. The M lulling us to sleep as it passes less than a block away.

Here’s to the next week.


back to the regular grind
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summer evening by the water
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