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diptychs by tim youd, who retypes entire novels on single sheets of paper.

Front pages after moon landing, from Poynter.

Infographic: Every Trip To The Moon, Ever
Who remembered that we’d gotten it wrong so many times?
Once the U.S. planted a flag on the moon, it was easy to forget the trials and tribulations of the space race. But did you know that the United States and Soviet Union combined for eight failed missions to the moon within a single year? Eventually, the U.S. got the Pioneer 4 (their fifth attempt) to do a successful flyby in 1959. The Soviet Union followed a few months later by topping us big time—they actually landed with their Luna 2, a probe that looks straight out of 1960s sci-fi television. It’s a story that you can follow in this pair of infographics created by Margot Trudell as part of her OCAD graduate thesis.
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looking through petals, tape layers, and stories

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